Hello! I'm a writer and journalist based in New York with a background in audience development and reporting at broadcast, video and print media companies. I co-author a biweekly newsletter “Clipped” about the history of women’s magazines, and freelance write for publications including Racked, The Atlantic's City Lab, The Daily Beast, Lapham's Quarterly and The Week. 

I currently work as a social publisher, focusing on Future and Weed, at Now This Media. Previously, I worked as growth editor at Vocativ, a media & technology startup based in Manhattan and Tel Aviv. Before that, I worked as CNBC.com’s first-ever news associate on partnerships during a digital renaissance for the No. 1 TV network in global business news. 

I was trained as a reporter and writer, covering news and features for award-winning teams at NBCNews.com, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Pittsburgh Magazine.

You can find me all over the internet, but I love Instagram. Otherwise, I run, do yoga, try to cook, book last-minute trips — and reeead.

Full resume is available here


It me. Queens. May 2017.

My mom's shoes. Central Park. June 2017.

My mom's shoes. Central Park. June 2017.