VIDEO: Scripting, production, hosting, Studio shoots


‘90s bitchification

I pitched and collaborated on a script for a piece reconsidering ‘90s media, politics and culture hosted by ‘90s Bitch author Allison Yarrow.

Behind Hulu’s ‘The act’

I pitched a shoot with Michelle Dean on the story behind the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case she reported in a viral piece for Buzz Feed News. Dean co-created and executive produced Hulu’s ‘The Act.’

Women in STEM on Wikipedia

For NowThis Future’s series ‘Understand This,’ I hosted, wrote, and produced a video about the lack of women in STEM on Wikipedia — and the global movement to revive their histories. I also hosted and wrote the series’ 3rd most-viewed episode on e-cigs.

How Astrology Caught Fire On The Internet

The Job Of A Woman Weed Trimmer

Behind Jane, An Underground Abortion Network